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G36 AR Fire Control Lower with Bolt Release FDE

AR fire control lower
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AR fire control G36 lower. This lower is available empty of fire controls, but does contain Bolt Release . You will need most of the standard AR fire controls including the selectors grip, detents, springs etc. The selector spring and detent will not line up with AR grips, you can drill a new hole in the grip or trim the spring and simply install the grip to hold it in place. We have tested these with most of the Giesslie AR trigger offerings as well as the Franklin Binary AR fire controls. Some hammers may be too tall and will need some material removed from the top to clear the recoil rod and spring assembly. These are not a one size fits all application, there are allot of AR fire control variants out there and we have only tested a handful of brands and models. We offer installation of your fire controls if you would prefer to ship them to us for assembly.
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