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RRD2C 360 15F G36C Keymicro

G36C Keymicro brake
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The RRD-360 Muzzle Device from JMAC Customs is unlike others on the market today. This device vents gasses 360 degrees away from your muzzle requiring less effort from the shooter to manage recoil. The use of additional, smaller ports, allows the gasses to disperse in a less concentrated pattern which reduces flash and concussion when compared to a standard muzzle brake. 15-1 Threads - Fits G36C, G36K, HK33, any 15-1 threads that are more than 0.9" from the gas block* Sleeves the barrel 0.9", adds 1.33" KeyMo & KeyMicro Suppressor compatible 10mm Bore 2.23" Long 17-4ph Stainless Steel Black Nitride
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