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IDZ Pistol Arm Brace w/ axle pin

IDZ style pistol arm brace
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WARNING!!!!! Currently the Final Rule has been implemented, so please refer to the ATF Final Rule for legality before purchase. Pistol arm brace is compatible on any of our T36 Pistols or bare receivers being assembled as a pistol. The IDZ brace is designed to allow the shooter to attach the velcro strap over the forearm to help stabilize the pistol during shooting and can be configured for the right hand or left handed shooter. The rear area that wedges against the forearm has a grip like pattern for better stability against your forearm. As with all pistol braces this part is an accessory and does not add to the over all length of your pistol since its not an integral part of the design. The length of pull extended is under 13.5" which is the ATF stated maximum LOP allowed on a pistol brace. This accessory does allow the device to be fired while folded and locks into place while folded as well and does not interfere with the standard function of the pistol.
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