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TailHook Brace FDE Complete

Arm brace complete FDE
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WARNING!!!!! Currently the ATF is going back and fourth on braces saying they do not regulate accessories however they want each platform submitted with the brace installed for evaluation but they haven't approved anything since 2018 so these are use at your own risk. Pistol arm brace adapter complete with Axle pin in FDE. These are made with the GearHead Works Mod 1 brace and our T36 Pistol adapter arm Designed to be used with our T36 pistols, This set up latches place folded and clears the ejection port, The length of Pull is under the 13.5" required length and is specifically designed to aid the shooter by opening the rear Tail hook and supporting the forearm, The Tail hook is reversible so its compatible with both left and right shooters.
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