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TG36 Receiver

The TG36 is an injection molded, glass filled polymer semi-automatic G36 style receiver.
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Product Description

The TG36 is an injection-molded, glass-filled polymer semi-automatic G36 style receiver.

This product is made in the USA and is compatible with most German G36 parts and accessories. These do not include the mag release , they are sold seperately.

The German G36 bolt carrier and lower will need to be converted to semi-auto in order to be used with this receiver.

The US-made parts kits are bolt-in with the exception of the lowers that require modifications to fit. .

These virgin receivers can be built into pistols, rifles and short-barreled rifles.

The barrel installation does require a mandrel and barrel tool and should not be attempted without these tools.

All receivers are marked TG36 5,56mmx45 has the US made G36 parts kits so these can easily be assembled into complete projects with the G36 Barrel Mandrel and wrench. .

Be Sure To Download Your T36 Operator's Manual:

TG36 Operator's Manual

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