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TMP Stripped Receiver FDE

TMP receiver molded in color FDE
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FDE molded in color TMP semi auto receivers are finally here! these are patterned off the UMP style platform with semi auto attributes. These are Nylon glass reinforced polymer, with steel rail mount inserts and trunion and has the correct Current UMP size ejection port for all calibers to function properly. Being semi auto, the UMP lowers (even S/F) will need to be modified to fit, we offer this service for $40. TheGerman UMP bolt carriers all need to be milled to fit as well, we charge $60 to mill the UMP carriers. All the semi US made carrier offerings will drop right in. These receivers can be built into rifles or pistols and we do have braces and stocks for SBR builds available separately. If you have a German parts kit we charge $125 to convert the parts and assemble into a pistol. Side note, this run of receivers will require some fitting for the standard top rails that are currently offered. we do have rail sets in the works and will have 4 piece rail sets for around $80 additional for this run. We can modify the current Top rail offerings to fit as well. We do not offer any H&K style markings on any of our receivers, its a Trademark issue as well as an issue with the ATF, if you want an H&K marked UMP clone build we still convert USC's constantly but keep in mind there is No pistol option on a USC Rifle, short barrel is SBR only on the H&K USC. has molded in color UMP style lowers and mags in the works no eta at the moment but give them a call and ask. we can also Duracoat the lowers and mags along with braces to match.
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