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TMP10R 10mm Tmp rifle with side folding stock.
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Super rare, only 4 have ever been made at this point, TMP 10mm Rifle! These are built on our US made Semi auto TMP receivers, These come with a Michaels Machines bolt Carrier for made for 10MM, .357 and .40 cal. These carriers are designed with the heavy .45 profile and Tungsten fill to help mitigate the heavy recoil from hotter loaded ammo. They are loaded with Brand new German Extractors and firing pin assemblies, Brand new German Lowers converted to semi auto, German .40 cal mags convert to 10mm ( these will on run the converted 10mm mags, there is no other mag available and we do have them on our website) Comes as shown with the 4 piece rail kit installed and Savior Range bag. With this carrier you can swap in a .40 mag and barrel and a .357 mag and barrel , the caliber swap is a simple roll pin. We only have a handful of these and im not sure when more parts will be available to build more so these will not be here long.
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