TommyBuilt Tactical created the SL8 to G36 rear section conversion around 2007 and has been offering this service for over ten years.

This conversion can be done on both the original grey colored sl8-1 and the newer black SL8-6. Total conversion cost without barrel work including the laser engraving is $950 and the break down is as follows:

  • Add G36 rear hinge section to SL8 receiver with laser cut stainless steel support plate, add stock hold open ledge to the top of the shell case deflector, remove top alignment numb from carrier. $525
  • Double stack magazine conversion, mill receiver, install laser cut metal support plate, plastic weld cover and refinish area to look factory. $235 (magwell and bolt head required but not induced in price)
  • Laser engrave G36 style markings on both sides of receiver. $125
  • Convert German G36 lower to semi or swap in SL8 fire control components and modify lower to fit. $75
  • Add NFA engraving. $35
  • SL8 to G36E barrel conversion. $325 (bayonet lug required and not included in price)
  • Custom duracoat G36 project in any single duracoat color, including laser engraving and remarking lower. $375
  • Barrel installation only. $15
  • Mill G36 carier to semi specs. $50
  • Dye receiver. $35 (included in rear section conversion)

Turn around times are typically two weeks or less. None of these prices reflect the return shipping cost.

Along with the factory SL8 parts, the basic parts required for a SL8 to G36 conversion are:

  • G36 rear section at least 3.5 inches long or TBT rear section
  • G36 buffer plate
  • G36 push pin
  • G36 lower
  • G36 Magwell
  • G36 bolt head
  • G36 stock (of your choice, there are several options)
  • G36 stock axle pin

This conversion also requires a firearm to be 922R compliant.. On this platform, 5 parts are required, 6 if you use a German muzzle device. The most popular compliance parts start with the G36 P-mag, which counts as three parts. Boltheads, triggers, sears, gas pistons, barrels, are all available as well. is the best source for G36 parts. However, there are some available on this site.

There are three basic G36 models: the G36C 8 inch barrel SBR tax stamp required, G36K 12.79 inch barrel SBR tax stamp required, G36E 18.3 inch barrel. The required barrel length for title 1 on the G36 platform is 16.5 inches to keep the overall length at 26 inches. While the conversion makes a great collectors piece, You can typically buy 2 of our US made TG36 variants for the cost of the SL8, parts and labor. In todays market parts are tough to find and over priced, Parts kits are generally well past their service life so you have to be careful buying a trade in kit, we have seen many kits with shot out barrels and lowers that are so worn its less expensie to buy a new one than it is to restore it. If you’re interested in a G36 conversion, feel free to email [email protected] with any specifics. If you have the parts and rifle, fill out a work order and follow the instructions on our shipping page.