TommyBuilt Tactical LLC created a bolt-on XM8-style furniture kit for the SL8 riffle. This has been an unobtainable platform and made famous through various video games. This is a unique piece in any firearms collection.

Production companies, please inquire by phone for availability.

This kit is designed with a five-position telescoping stock, like the original. It has a dual sling pin, rear mount, top rail, and hand guard. This kit is available with an extended K-size hand guard designed to cover the factory SL8 gas block position, as well as a C-length hand guard. These kits are made of a glass-filled nylon product and are produced on a very limited basis since the SL8 has not been in production in many years. Custom installation with receiver recontouring, laser engraving, Magwell conversions, and barrel work are all available. The XM8 used the ISM-V optic, which is out of production and difficult to find. The rear has a small rail mount section to accommodate most optics. The average labor cost is typically $600.

The cost breakdown is as follows:

  • Convert SL8 to double stack mag. $225
  • Receiver recontour to XM8. $200
  • XM8 style laser engraving. $100
  • Cut down, crown, reprofile barrel back to glass block, thread, re-parkerize, and install muzzle device. $150
  • Custom paint project in any single color. $300

Parts required for the conversion:

  • XM8 kit
  • G36 mag well
  • G36 bolthead
  • G36 extended bolt release
  • G36/XM8 paddle mag release
  • Flash hider

Kits are available in the shopping tab here. If you already have an SL8 and are ready to move forward with a conversion, fill out a work order and follow the instructions on the shipping page. If you have any questions on specifics about the builds, please get in touch with [email protected].