Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical catches up with Tom Bostic of TommyBuilt Tactical to show his USA made version of the H&K G36 – The T36.

Tom speaks about his longtime passion for the HK G36 and the inspiration he drew from the SL-8 and saw the market in the states for a very special version only Tom Bostic could produce!

Tom speaks on how they do different models across many states even with many state laws differing. We’ve all seen the german guns in movies, video games, etc and have our heart set on an idea of what the G36 is.

Some love the C model and some love the E model with the dual optic carry handle for example.  He’s proud that everyone has their own idea of what their G36 is that they want and is able to offer so many options!

Not only can use customize your parts, but Tom can even custom paint them. His site comes with all sorts of cool paint schemes and options – even if you want plain black, there are still lots of options for parts to choose from. 

Tom says many people don’t understand how modular the t36 really is – the receiver is the same for all 3 models – its just a barrel change – “the furniture is all the same. You can swap [parts] right around, so you can really make it into any of the models you want!”

So which is the most popular? Tom explains “[The T36] is nice to do in a C Pistol! It’s the most popular and has been the most popular in all of the video games and movies…that’s what you see the most and pretty much our top hot seller!”

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