“Anyone who’s dived into the world of HK products or the G36 specifically via forums or social media groups knows that new production models exist but not by HK, instead they know or have heard of Tom Bostic’s name at least once due to his extensive knowledge with the G36…”

Featuring a more cinematic approach to doing a review, The Average Shooter team reviews the Tommybuilt Tactical T36C and T36K, American-made clones of the iconic Heckler und Koch (H&K) G36C and G36K.

The Average Shooter team briefly goes over some of the company history of Tommy Built Tactical, owned by Tom Bostic, some of their offerings, and of course, an extensive review of some of the capabilities of the platform that he is well known for reproducing for us in the United States.

Tom Bostic is upfront and honest and will gladly answer any questions that you have even if you’re just window-shopping. He’s very informative and can do whatever he can to help you out and get you the model that you want if you somehow have a problem with any of his products no matter how small you’ll personally address them.

This speaks volumes to the TommyBuilty Platform and products!

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