TommyBuilt USA is an 07/SOT FFL specializing in Customization, Creation and Modification.


STOP: Have you read this letter?

It is important that you read the letter explaining the T36 to TG36 Upgrade

Shipping Instructions:

  1. If you’ve registered your firearm as a machine gun or SBR, when you send your firearm to TommyBuilt Tactical for the upgrade, send the NFA branch a letter to remove your T36, serial # xxx-xxxxxx, from the NFRTR. Inform them your T36, serial # xxx-xxxxxx, has been recalled and will be replaced with a new GCA firearm. If you have any questions contact the ATF Baltimore field office.

  2. Remove the stock before shipping and ONLY ship the receiver and lower to TommyBuilt Tactical. You may leave the barrel installed if you do not have tool to remove it.

  3. Please send a copy of your APPROVED form 1 along with the T36 receiver.

  4. If you plan to register your upgraded TG36 as and NFA item please include the following for engraving:
    Name or Trust Name
    City and State

  5. ONLY send the stripped bare receiver or barreled upper, and the lower (DO NOT ship all parts or your complete firearm to TommyBuilt Tactical) If you absolutely do not have the means to remove the stock or brace you may leave it on.

  6. Our preferred method of shipping is USPS priority large flat rate boardgame box. This box is available free at the Post office or you can request online that they deliver one to your home. The SKU is GB_FRB for this box.

  7. Click HERE to process your upgrade

Ship to:
TommyBuilt Tactical
2620 West Socrum Loop Rd
Lakeland FL 33810

Each TommyBuilt customer is important to us and we working to upgrade these as quickly as possible. They will be upgraded in the order in which they are received. We are estimating our turn around time to be 1-3 weeks depending on the volume received. Your patience is greatly appreciated

Should you have any questions about your specific firearm please leave it in the section below. Please DO NOT call or email TommyBuilt Tactical or message Tom or TommyBuilt on Facebook or Instagram regarding your T36.

ALL correspondence will come from [email protected]